fixed gear cycling team, founded in 2017

It's a union betweet “2OnIt!”, a collective of professionals, and the passion of fixed gear criterium cycling . The idea is working together, riders and profesionals, in order to progress in our careers, sharing the same path.

We want to build a competitive, strong and contemporary team to race in the most popular European fixed gear criteriums. Our passion for these races started a few years ago discovering the fixed gear scene in UK and Italy. Our involvement grew exponentially becoming part of our daily lives.

The biggest of these races, the Red Hook Crit series, made us believe in ourselves and in our commitment.


Emanuel Cosa
06/10/93 - Onesti (RO)

You can do everything you set your mind to! 

I started to use a single speed bike in the summer of 2013. It was a converted Bianchi from the 80's. I Switched it to fixed gear in January 2014 and simply fell in love with it.

Riding fixed changed my life, it was simply incredible. One year later, March 2015, I was racing my first fixed gear crit and promised myself I will contend in every race I could alongside the best athletes in the sport.

As I progressed I found that things got even more interesting and intriguing whilst being involved in the fixed gear scene.

Benjamin Ramshaw
12/05/96 - Durham (UK)

Lean, go hard, pain faces are temporary! 

My roots came from BMX, single speed, no brakes, until I discovered the fixed gear scene at the Bicycle Film Festival in Milan, 2012.

This was when my interest sparked into the fixed gear world. I've been racing track bikes since moving to Bournemouth in 2014 where a local group, Velo Sur Mer, was organising alleycats.

This developed into criterium racing after the announcement of Red Hook Crit London No.1, it has spiralled upwards and onwards since there. I recently just finishing my 7th Red Hook Crit at Milan No.8.

Jake Neale
13/08/95 - London (UK)

Pain only makes you stronger! 

I really got into cycling when I was bought my first road bike for my 17th birthday. Fast forward a few years and I discovered fixed gear bikes and immediately fell in love with the simplicity and control, just you and the bike no added complications.

Currently in my final year of my Sports Science degree while working in a bike shop part time, this has really pushed me into taking my riding more seriously and to finally get racing.

Looking forward to what is to come!

Matt Wallis
09/12/90 - Bournemouth (UK)

Live to ride. Ride to live.

As a kid, one of my first experiences of riding fixed was on the track with my local club. Back then I had no idea the skills this was giving me. All I knew is that I loved riding fast and wanted to do more. A few years and some seasons of road-crit racing later I’m stoked to be returning to my roots.There’s a purity when riding one gear, with no brakes, in a bunch that other forms of racing doesn’t quiet match.

This year I can’t wait to get onto the fixed gear crit scene and test the legs against some of the most talented cyclists in the world. With 2onit’s chilled but passionate attitude to riding, we’re all in the best place possible to realise our goals and have a great time doing it.



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